The APEO Project (2011)

The APEO Project encourages users to selectively disconnect from digital screen media devices. This project consists of a series of editioned multiples, an installation with video and objects, and a live performance. The following pictures are of the installation space and performances at the Arcade Gallery in Columbia College Chicago.

imaging 2 (2009)

imaging 2 is an interactive installation about the continuity of the creative process. The space itself takes participants through a creative journey–beginning with the blank page, moving to a space of inspiration, ending with a place to leave the creation behind and move on. Additionally, each element in the room has either come from or will be made into another artwork. The cotton yarn from In Possibility became the blank pages for imaging 2; recordings of the papermaking/installation/art opening became sound elements that played in imaging 2‘s hidden speaker; participants’ artwork and leftover blank pages later became books. imaging 2 fully explores the adage that “work begets work.”

In Possibility (2009)

In Possibility is an interactive installation about the nature of choice co-created with Hale Ekinci and Laura Elayne Miller. The room is filled with balloons attached to the ceiling with yarn. As participants move through the room, the yarn tangles; when balloons pop, they release colored gravel onto the white floor. Thus, each path a participant takes in the room is catalogued for future visitors and changes the choices they can make.

Fear (2009)

Presented by the Neo-Futurists, conceived by Noelle Krimm.
Fear is billed as a “thinking man’s haunted house.” Participants are lead on a tour of the theatre, during which they watch adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Rachel Claff, Andrew Jorczak, Dan Broberg, Drew Dir, Erin Briddick, Amanda Franck, Kat Daniels, Merrie Greenfield, Rachel Wilson and Kelli Cousins converted the theater’s waiting areas into a macabre extension of the performance.

ReFab: An Art Happening (2009)

At Mess Hall, Chicago, IL
Re:Fab is a group installation by Marnie Galloway, Maggie Puckett, Hale Ekinci, Laura Elayne Miller, Colleen McGann, Nicholas Sagan, and Kelli Cousins. Part exquisite corpse, part homage to Henry Ford, ReFab is a collaborative art workshop that seeks to repurpose unwanted items and give them new life. Participants bring an unwanted item to Mess Hall–anything from a gum wrapper to a broken television set, no object is too insignificant or too unwieldy-–and place it on our work table. The artists-in-residence will then work on it in an assembly line of sorts, each manipulating the object provided. The objects may be painted, burned, encased in wire, printed on, exorcised, pierced, decoupaged, filled with candy, anthropomorphized, photographed, gift wrapped, played like a musical instrument, written about and/or dipped in wax. The item is be documented as it undergoes its transformation, and before-and-after pictures are displayed on the ReFab website.

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